Thursday, November 19, 2015

Georgia Aquarium- Atlanta

Something childlike happens
 on a trip to the Aquarium.
 You are quickly transported
 to the wonderment of an 8 year old.

Giant crabs, yellow-belly turtles, 
an albino alligator and a pirahna-
all speak to the creative spirit of God.
 And who doesn't love 
to watch penguins-?
on land- 
and their amazing speed underwater.
The "there-wordly" jellyfish 
and tentacled creatures.

 Starfish and anemones
and a crab or two
And the seahorse family.

And then there is BIG GUY-
a whale shark-
 scooping up lots of kelp feedings
Find out more about this wonderful place here:
Georgia Aquarium

Always good to be checking out the worlds 
close by but yet so different.

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