Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coca Cola World- Atlanta

Welcome to the world of Coca Cola! 
A recognizable logo-
When the word means a host of things.

 Maybe the message is that 
 it  is really all about HOSPITALITY .
 The service changes -
 the Product stays the same.

 WE can read Coca Cola in many languages

The world of Advertisement
 Bottling assembly line to watch

Tasting stations all in one room
 from around the world.
 Getting ready for the 3-D movie
 and a few shakes and bumps.
 Coca Cola doodling?
Coke POP ART from around the world

Brand, Culture and Art meet in one place

Just a moment to relax.
Ryan Seacrest.

The Red Room couch?
 American Idol
Season 4?

Don't mind if we do!

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